Australian Christian Schools Library Network

Australian Christian Schools Library Network

Monday 28th May   

8:30  Registrations

9:00  Worship, Welcome, Devotions

9:30  Keynote: Cameron Nunn Author and Principal of Nepean Christian School 

10:30  Morning Tea and Trade Displays

11:00  Joy Lawn Inside the Shortlist

12:30  Lunch and Trade Displays   

2:15   Premier's Reading Challenge Option for NSW delegates to update and ask questions

2:30  Association AGM Please come and contribute to the vision of our association 

3:00   Practical Advocacy in the School Library

4:00  Afternoon Tea

4:30  Advocacy Workshops

5:30  Free Time

6:30  Dinner

7:30 Guest Author: Rosanne Hawke 

Tuesday 29th May 

8:30  Worship and Devotions Missions focus

9:00  Hilary Hughes QUT Lecturer Learning Space Design Presentation and Workshop

10:30  Morning Tea

11:00  Digital Library Platforms

12:00  Lunch

12:45  Travel to The Children’s Bookshop

1:30  Paul Macdonald New Literature Review

4:00 Return to Conference Centre

6:00  Dinner

7:00 Sharing Session - Questions, Book Week ideas, reading promotion, new apps

Wednesday 30th May  

8:30  Worship and Devotions

9:30 Copyright for the Digital World

10:00  Morning Tea

10:30 Guest author: Penny Morrison

12:00  Lunch

12:45  Travel to Koorong

3:00 Return Airport Shuttle